Ali Eisner

Puppeteering and music are interests Ali has fostered since childhood.  Eisner launched a career in children’s television 18 years ago as a host on YTV. They’ve worked extensively in Canada and the US, creating for shows on Nick Jr, CBC, TVO, FOX, YTV, Disney, PBS and NBC, often collaborating in a wide range of mediums. A multi-instrumentalist, Ali has also composed and scored for broadcasters throughout their career.

10 Things About Ali.

1) When I was 11 years old I set up my own tv/radio station in my bedroom. My microphone was a tube of toothpaste.
2) My first puppet was an Ernie puppet. My folks bought it for my 8th birthday.
3) I ride a motorcycle. And I love it.
4) Coffee is my favourite smell, but I don’t drink it.
5) My partner is kind of awesome.
6) The first instrument I learned to play was the drums.
7) I am obsessed with house painting. I could paint for hours. At 4am.
8) My favourite musician is Stevie Wonder. We also share the same birthday.
9) I think kids are smarter than adults.
10) “Free to be, You and Me” was the album that shaped my childhood.  Joni Mitchell shaped my Youth.


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