Sunny Side Up

show_detail_hero_ssu_newI was the Supervising Producer/Show Runner and Director for NBC’s weekly morning interstitial block at 30 Rock Studios, in New York in 2014/2015. A LIVE daily program with four hosts and a Chicken named Chica. The cast reached their audience at home through music, dance, storytelling, sketches and crafts, with the occasional celebrity dropping by to join in on the fun. A show that celebrates all the small, but meaningful moments in a pre-schoolers life. I’d been part of this show 8 years earlier when called down to Philly as a creative consultant and puppet instructor, when Sprout was just getting started.

Sprout Shorts

shortsAfter “The Sharing Show” finished airing for 5 years on Sprout (a different afternoon block I created/directed) the department needed a new afternoon block to promote homemade videos that kids sent in of their special every day moments. I created “Sprout Shorts” which aired on weekday afternoons. The concept – a dog and a goat running all of Sprout from their very own master control room. Inspired by the flavour of the Muppet Show, calling to an environment where almost anything strange could happen. I wrote, executive produced and starred in this show as well along with my co-host Joe Sabatino, who played my hilarious sidekick, M’Goats.