Gisele’s Big Backyard

giseles-big-backyardTVO Kids’ flagship Preschool Program. A Polka Dot Door, a bunch of puppets and a veteran host equal a Gemini Award winning show.  Gisele and crew connect with kids at home through music & laughs.  I play Jay, the Blue Jay.  At the moment, Jay has a reoccurring segment called “Jay’s Family Jam” where she and Gisele rock out and interview Canada’s finest Musicians. I write and compose music for this show as well.

Kids’ CBC

kidsCanadaAt Kids’ CBC I was a puppeteer, writer, composer and producer. I created & puppeteered “Mamma Yamma,” a Yam who lived in Kensington Market. She danced, roller-skated and sang with some of Canada’s best musicians. Joel Plaskett, Tegan & Sara, Bobby McFerrin, Serena Ryder, Great Lake Swimmers, Kathleen Edwards, Dallas Green, Amy Millan and more. Strombo & Jian were Mammas boyfriends. Mamma appeared before films in the movie theatre, had her own record and traveled around Canada hosting music festivals. After six years and 3 Gemini nominations as Mamma Yamma, I decided to leave the program in 2013.

Zerby Derby

ZBOn Zerby Derby, I was a composer.  An adorable preschool program airing on TVO, TFO and Sprout.  Cars, boats, helicopters and trucks “Race, Dig, Build & Play”, learning through their mistakes by always “trying again”.  Christine Bougie and I wrote the shows Theme Song & Entire Score.

Mr. Meaty

Mr-meaty1This show was insane. Twisted. And so, super funny.  Aimed towards teens & aired on Nick Jr.  The puppet cast was community of characters that worked or hung out inside of a mall Food Court.  I played Goth Girl, an American Princess named Ashley and a variety of kooky mall dwellers.  The best thing about this show was it’s writing. Surreal and eccentric.  A chicken might come to life and dance the hula, or the food court might be suddenly be stormed by a parade of monkeys.  There were also aliens.  Obviously.