Old, but New…Mamma Yamma iTunes Game

Mamma Yamma's Photo AdventureWell, I’m on iTunes.  Kinda.  In puppet form anyways..

So, I left Kids’ CBC as Mamma Yamma this past April, but before going I recorded the voice for a new game and it’s made it as a fav on iTunes.  Mamma Yamma dresses up and travels around the world.  I actually recorded this at home in my pajamas and sent it to the CBC.  An engineer really did a good job of making it sound less pajama-ish, because I can remember being able to hear my cat violently lick herself sitting next to me while listening back.  I’m not sure which designers created the game, but kudos to them.  I hope you receive big tech props for your work!  Looks great.

Besides some music that was left with the department, this game was actually the very last thing I did as Mamma Yamma after 6 years rockin’ the Yam. I remember recording and giving it my best, so I could look back satisfied about my last online Yam hoohaw hurrah. It’s definitely nice to have squeaked it in for the kiddies in my life to play on their iPads in their PJ’s.   In the iTunes description, she’s called an “Award Winning Yam”.  Life is so wild..

Enjoy the Game. If you listen close, you can totally hear my pajamas.

Mamma Yamma’s Photo Adventure

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