Because We’re Kids

A song I sang about being Bullied.  From a Dr. Suess Film “5000 Fingers of
Dr. T”. Guitars by me and lap steel by Christine Bougie. Strings by Drew Jurecka.

Only Me

Baron Von Froog of Kids’ CBC sings a very selfish song about how he wants to keep everything for himself.

Zippy Race

A track from a Pre-school show named “Zerby Derby“, which airs on TVO, TFO & Sprout.  Christine Bougie and I composed the shows score for seasons 1 & 2.

A Season With You

Patty, Baron Von Froog, Captain Claw , Mamma Yamma and Saumon du Champlain sing about their love for the four seasons – singin’ in the rain styles. I think this is my fav one i’ve written.

Follow the Farm

Theme Song for “Follow the Farm” on TVO Kids. A city girl moves to the country for the summer. Beverly Hillbillies Style. I sang this one.