My First Photography Show!

PosterI’m finally having my very own photography show!

I’ve taken photos since I was a little kid and have always been obsessed with my camera. In my teens I built a darkroom and spent a thousand hours inside the stink of chemicals, playing around with light.  I’d blast Motown and listen to the water drip while disappearing from the rest of the world.  Looking back, I think being in there was a form of meditation for me.

I’m a visual thinker and have always loved the idea of telling stories through pictures. When I see something that feels super real and I don’t have my camera with me it almost hurts my feelings.

Photos of my travels, musicians, work on set, sky, faces, nature, buildings and superheros waiting patiently for a sandwiches.

My show is titled “Favourite Things” and will be showing at the historic Gladstone Hotel Art Bar. I love the Gladstone.  Sometimes it kind of feels like the center cell of the city.

Opening Reception Janary 9th – 7pm to 10pm
Show runs January 9th to January 19th.

Facebook Event Page

Click! (insert camera shutter noise here)

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