Preschool Musical on a Stick

psmonastickA US christmas special I directed.  All the characters were cardboard cut outs of their original felt selves, on sticks.  The cast was five star and the musical score ruled.  Sleds, skating, presents, longing, fake pies and snow. Oh – and sticks. Lots of them.

2 thoughts on “Preschool Musical on a Stick

  1. I have been trying so hard to find a copy of this production. My kids (now 21 and 26) absolutely LOVED it —- in particular, the segment where the children were giving suggestions on what to do when it is cold…. The darling child who said “hot soup” — but especially the little girl who said “and BLUBS” (meaning gloves). “BLUBS” has become a signature word in our household – which means “I love you a ton”. I would dearly love to be able to watch it again with them. Is there anyplace I can get a copy?

    • Hiya Lori! Have you contacted Sprout directly? I’m sure they could put you in the right direction for this – they are usually very fast at replying!!

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