Old, but New…Mamma Yamma iTunes Game

Mamma Yamma's Photo AdventureWell, I’m on iTunes.  Kinda.  In puppet form anyways..

So, I left Kids’ CBC as Mamma Yamma this past April, but before going I recorded the voice for a new game and it’s made it as a fav on iTunes.  Mamma Yamma dresses up and travels around the world.  I actually recorded this at home in my pajamas and sent it to the CBC.  An engineer really did a good job of making it sound less pajama-ish, because I can remember being able to hear my cat violently lick herself sitting next to me while listening back.  I’m not sure which designers created the game, but kudos to them.  I hope you receive big tech props for your work!  Looks great.

Besides some music that was left with the department, this game was actually the very last thing I did as Mamma Yamma after 6 years rockin’ the Yam. I remember recording and giving it my best, so I could look back satisfied about my last online Yam hoohaw hurrah. It’s definitely nice to have squeaked it in for the kiddies in my life to play on their iPads in their PJ’s.   In the iTunes description, she’s called an “Award Winning Yam”.  Life is so wild..

Enjoy the Game. If you listen close, you can totally hear my pajamas.

Mamma Yamma’s Photo Adventure

It’s Zerby Derby!

1267756_10151949261138413_1805355272_oWrote some new TV Music!  Pretty excited about this one.  It’s for Zerby Derby, a new pre-school program airing on TVOntario, TFO and Sprout.

Zerby Derby just finished wrapping it’s 2nd season and Christine Bougie and I wrote the shows theme Song and entire score.  Along side with some lovely Orchestral Midi Software, (man it was expensive) we decided a handful of tracks would have real instruments, to keep a super heartfelt and realistic/homemade vibe for the program.   Kazoos, Ukes & Whistling.  Warm, Silly & Charming.  The characters on the show are cars, boats, helicopters and trucks, who “race, build, dig and play” and learn all their lessons though making mistakes in the forest.  The “Try Again” method comes into play every episode, paired with a strong feeling of Improv.  Here are a few tracks of our scoring for the program.   Looking forward to Season 3! (Fingers crossed)

Construction Time

Zippy Race

Orchestral Purposeful

Racing Uke

Um, I made a Website!

Photo by Jen Rowsom

Photo by Jen Rowsom

I finally made a website. This little spot in the universe will bring you the best I have. There will be music. Dancing. Jazz hands. High kicks. Cartwheels. Maybe a few back flips. For sure there will be moon walking.
Here are a few things you can expect to see:

– Weekly Blog Post
– New Music
– Media of shows I work on (past & present)
– Personal Photography
– Upcoming new works and where you can see them
– My experiences on stuff & things & the world & how it makes sense to me

Why did I want to make a website? Over the last 18 years my adventures in Television in Canada and the US have given me an wonderful platform to use my voice to be able say a lot. For this I’m very grateful. And because those platforms were all on other folks stages & studios, I really wanted to create a space that was just for me – to share just with you.  And thankfully, I still have a whole lot more to say.

So it’s me and you. Ok?

More to come. It’s very nice to meet you, buddy.

Gisele’s Big Backyard

giseles-big-backyardTVO Kids’ flagship Preschool Program. A Polka Dot Door, a bunch of puppets and a veteran host equal a Gemini Award winning show.  Gisele and crew connect with kids at home through music & laughs.  I play Jay, the Blue Jay.  At the moment, Jay has a reoccurring segment called “Jay’s Family Jam” where she and Gisele rock out and interview Canada’s finest Musicians. I write and compose music for this show as well.

Kids’ CBC

kidsCanadaAt Kids’ CBC I was a puppeteer, writer, composer and producer. I created & puppeteered “Mamma Yamma,” a Yam who lived in Kensington Market. She danced, roller-skated and sang with some of Canada’s best musicians. Joel Plaskett, Tegan & Sara, Bobby McFerrin, Serena Ryder, Great Lake Swimmers, Kathleen Edwards, Dallas Green, Amy Millan and more. Strombo & Jian were Mammas boyfriends. Mamma appeared before films in the movie theatre, had her own record and traveled around Canada hosting music festivals. After six years and 3 Gemini nominations as Mamma Yamma, I decided to leave the program in 2013.

The Basement

hqdefault-1Set was designed by Wayne White, the dude who designed Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Aired on Fox Family Channel & filmed in Los Angeles.  Three puppets & three human hosts.  I got to play myself.  We introduced cartoons and re-created the same kind of laughs we had when we were in our teens, watching cartoons and eating chips in our parents basements.  I traveled and interviewed peeps like Eddie Murphy and Justin Timberlake, which was nuts.


hqdefaultFirst TV job ever was on YTV, as a host.  I was 22.  Co-hosts were Shaun Majumder & Peter Oldring.  Weekend morning hosts for 4 years, introducing shows like Earthworm Jim, Dexters Labrotory and Spiderman.  Great thing about doing this almost 20 years ago, was that the station was fairly new then, so the vision was pretty true to connecting with its viewers.  Instead of having to sell or promote too much of anything, we were encouraged to connect with kids at home about things we truly cared about or found funny.